SAP NetWeaver Portal (SAP EP) is one of the building blocks in the SAP NetWeaver architecture. With only a Web Browser, users can begin work once they have been authenticated in the portal which offers a single point of access to information, enterprise applications, and services both inside and outside an organization.

SAP EP also provides the tools to manage this knowledge, to analyze and interrelate it, and to share and collaborate. With its coherent interface, role-based content, and personalization features, the portal enables you to focus exclusively on data relevant to your daily decision-making processes.

Knowledge Management offers capabilities that everyone can use to distribute and access unstructured information within an organization through a heterogeneous repository landscape. Collaboration brings users, information, and applications together to ensure successful cooperation. All collaboration tools and channels are easily accessible directly from the portal. These tools include collaboration rooms, instant messaging, chat, e-mail, and calendar integration.

SAP Unification Server enables an enterprise to integrate the resources of its information systems and provide unified access to its structured data. It is the engine driving the unification of databases, legacy systems and enterprise applications in SAP EP.

The Portal is used for different purposes.

  • Internationalization

  • Personalization

  • Integration

  • Authorization

SAP NetWeaver Portal is the platform for running WebDynpro applications or Dyn Page applications created by SAP or custom designed for connecting to some ERP functionality.

Course Contents



Visual Composer

Build and Run Applications

Portal Runtime


Portal Components



Portal Services and Web Services

Portal Services

Web Services

User Management

User Management Engine, Persistent Manager and Adapters

LDAP directories


User Management methods and states

Connector Framework

Overview, resource adapters, JCA and CCI

SAP BAPI, transactions and Function Builder

Jar Files for Connector Framework

Deployment descriptor, Interaction Spec and closing connections


Enterprise Portal Client Framework

Client Eventing, Client Data Bag and EPCF levels

Subscribing and Raising Events

WebDynpro Integration

General Concepts and Integration

SAP Enterprise Portals Fundamentals

The Big Picture

The End-User Perspective

Technical Infrastructure

Portal Platform Content


User Interfaces

Controller Contexts

Controller Architecture


Generic UI-Services

Dynamic Programming



Web Dynpro Security


Adaptive RFCs

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