Real Life Project

Real Life Project

Real Life Project with SAP Testing Course Outline
Objective of the Session:

If you are a SAP Candidate and no real time SAP experience looking to get into the SAP job market then here is the opportunity for you to know more about SAP projects. This workshop will give you a complete in depth knowledge of SAP Full Life Cycle project, a real-life dummy project with SAP Testing phase taking place at the end.

Main Topics:

  • ASAP and Project terms such as Blueprints, BPP, BPML, Integration testing, Regression testing, functional design document, technical design documents and so on.

  • Project Meetings and Organization Structure

  • Completing different phase of a project

  • Project Team Member Roles and Responsibilities Distribution and Assignment

  • Complete ASAP Methodology

  • ASAP Phase of the projects: Project Preparation, Blueprinting, Implementation, Final Preparation and Cutover, GO-Live and Support

  • BRD Documents

  • BSD Documents

  • TD Documents

  • SSD Documents

  • Swim lane Diagrams

  • Project Kick-off Meeting

  • Project Meetings and Meeting Summary

  • Project Go-Live Meetings

  • Objects Unit Test

  • Project Integration Test

  • Test Preparation

  • Test Sequence and Test Scripts

  • Integration Test Scenarios

  • UAT

  • Cutover Scripts

  • SAP Solution Manager and ASAP

  • SnagIt and use of capturing software

  • Project Support Team and support project

  • Remedy Software and support cases

  • A day in the life of a SAP Consultant

  • Technical Landscape of SAP: DEV, QA, Production and Testing System

  • Transport Mechanism: SE01, SE09, SE10

  • Creating and Releasing Transports

  • ABAP introduction

  • Report Requirement Gathering

  • SAP Flat File Interface

  • Testing Methodology

  • Support Documentation

SAP testing scenarios:

  • Implementation of SAP Solutions

  • Integration of new components and business scenarios

  • Customer developments

  • Function tests- SAP Testing Training

  • Integration tests with other components

  • Upgrades, regression tests

  • Importing support packages integration.

Features for SAP Testing: Test Preparation:

  • Identification of business process to be tested

  • Creating of manual and automated test cases

  • Management of manual and automated test cases

  • Creation of test plans, test suites and review

  • Definition and management of test series

  • Creation of test data and Set up of test system

Test Execution:

  • Test execution manually or using computer aided test tools

  • Integration of test cases and test scripts

  • Test status reporting and Defect handling

Test evaluation

  • Overview of test progress and test results

  • Detailed assessment of all test plans

  • Complete documentation of test processes in the test plans

  • Case description, test results, test case notes, error messages

  • Detailed tabular and graphical evaluation of all test plans

  • Export of test results to office applications

  • Defect Analysis

  • Documentation of the testing process