Course Schedule

  • Please call us to enquire about the next starting date of the module of your choice.
  • HRDC Candidates, please call us for exact schedule.
  • IIBS College confirm courses based on attendance status, with a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice prior to course commencement date.
    IIBS College offers various webinars every week. As you know, you can attend webinar from the comfort of your home or office without travelling to IIBS. We would keep you updated on the upcoming Webinar’s soon.


Fall semester-First week of September

Winter semester-First week of January

Spring Session - First week of April

 Summer Session - First week of June

Modules Start Date Location
FI (Finance) 30 Sep 17  Sat(Online) Mississauga
CO (Controlling) 30 Sep 17 Sat(3:00 PM) Mississauga
 S/4 HANA Finance 01 Oct 17  Sun Mississauga
SD (Sales and Distribution)03 Sep 01 Oct  17  Sun Mississauga
HR (Human Resources) 01 Oct 17 Sun (3:00 PM) Mississauga
MM (material Management) 30 Sep 17 Sat Mississauga
BI 7.3 (NetWeaver Business Intelligence)/BO Combo 30 Sep 17 Sat Mississauga
Basis (Business Application Software Integrated solution) 01 Oct 17  Sun (3:30 PM) Mississauga
HANA 01 Oct  17 Sun Mississauga
QA (software Testing)
30 Sep 17  Sat  
SD CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 01 Oct 17 Sun Mississauga
ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)
01 Oct 17 Sun (3:00 PM)
BA Fundamental & ECBA(Boot Camp 29 Oct 17 Sun (3:00 PM) Mississauga
QA (Level II) 30 Sep 17  Sat  (3:00 PM) Mississauga
BA (CBAP) To be announced Mississauga
Project Management 28 Oct 17  Sat Mississauga
Big-Data & Hadoop Developer Certification 01 Oct 17 Sun (3:00 PM) Mississauga
Scrum Master Certified  01 Oct 17  Sun Mississauga
 SuccessFactors To be announced Mississauga
SAP Life Cycle Project To be announced Mississauga
Six Sigma To be announced Mississauga
Calgary (Online Courses)
Modules Start Date Location
FI (Finance) 30 Sep 17 Sat Calgary
BI 7.3/BO Combo 30 Sep 17 Sat Calgary
SD 01 Oct 17  Sun Calgary
MM 30 Sep 17 Sat Calgary
Big Data And Hadoop 01 Oct 17 Sun(3:00 PM) Calgary
HR (Human Resources) 01 Oct 17 Sun Calgary
ABAP 01 Oct 17  Sun(3:00 PM) Calgary
BASIS 01 Oct  17  Sun(3:00 PM) Calgary
CO 30 Sep 17 Sat (3:30 PM) Calgary
Project Management 30 Sep 17 Sat(3:00 PM) Calgary
QA 01 Oct 17 Sat(3:30 PM) Calgary
SCRUM 01 oct  17 Sun Calgary
SuccessFactors To be announced Calgary
BA Fundamental & ECBA(Boot Camp) 01 Oct  17  Sun  Calgary
Modules Start Date Location
Free Info. Session (by Registration) 30 Sep 17 Sat  (3:00Pm to 7:00 pm) Mississauga (Square One)