Financial Accounting(FI)

Financial Accounting(FI)


SAP FI (Financials) is a core module for all Accounting and Financial professionals who wish to launch a career in SAP. The Financial Accounting (FI) application component fulfills all the international requirements that must be met by the financial accounting department of an organization. For the successful utilization of mySAP application, SAP FI is one of the most important and critical business modules.

SAP FI module mainly deals with fixed asset, bank, cash journal, inventory, tax accounting, general/ ledger and accounts receivable/accounts payable. It is in SAP FI module that systematized and statutory data can be tracked and managed and the administrative people like, financial managers as well as other managers can review the financial position of the company in present time as compared to legacy system.

All accounting-relevant transactions made in Logistics (LO) or Human Resources (HR) components are posted real-time to Financial Accounting by means of automatic account determination. This data can also be passed on to Controlling (CO). This ensures that logistical goods movements (such as goods receipts and goods issues) are exactly reflected in the value-based updates in accounting.

This course is designed to learn how to manage and implement the organizational units, master data and documents for Financial Accounting. To learn about the concept of parallel valuation and reporting. In this SAP FI module you will learn that how to implement Accounting business processes such as payment, individual closing and evaluation methods.


  • Please note that VPN is used for SAP Server Connectivity. This VPN has been tested on Apple and Windows OS (Operating Systems). caniit will help you to troubleshoot but IIBS does not guarantee to fix all of your computer problems. Your virus protection, your computer internal policies need to be changed by you.
  • Apple computers and Operating System generally works but caniit support mainly Windows Operating Systems. Please note Windows XP generally works but is no longer in the supported platform.
Course Contents

Competency Topic
Asset Accounting Asset transactions (for example, asset acquisition, retirement,
Master data
Organizational structures
Periodic processing in Asset Accounting
Using the information system
Closing Operations in Financial Accounting Balance sheet/P&L structure & reporting
Month-end and year-end closing
Profit and loss
Receivables and payables
Technical, organizational and documentary steps
Document and Posting Control Cash discount and payment conditions
Cash journal
Clearing (manual and automatic)
Cross-company code transactions
Default values
Document changes, change control
Document reversal
Document types and number ranges
Foreign currencies and exchange rate differences
Incoming and outgoing payments
Payment differences
Posting authorizations
Posting keys and field status groups
Posting periods
Tolerance groups and payment differences
Evaluation Options in Reporting Drilldown reporting in Financial Accounting
Infosystem and ABAP reports in General Ledger, AR
List Viewer
Financial Accounting Master Data Account groups
Bank accounts/bank keys
Chart of accounts
Customer and vendor accounts
G/L account
Reconciliation accounts
Payment Program, Dunning Program, Correspondence, Interest Calculation Correspondence configuration
Creating correspondence
Creating payment media
Dunning program configuration
Executing the dunning run and printing the dunning notice
Executing the interest calculation run
Executing the payment run
Interest calculation configuration
Payment program configuration
SAP Overview Management empowered by mySAP ERP
Management empowered by mySAP ERP Financials
SAP Navigation
SAP Solution Manager Overview of the SAP Solution Manager
Special General Ledger Transactions, Document Parking, Substitute “Park document” versus “hold document”
Basics of document parking
Customizing of different special G/L transactions
Processing parked documents
Special G/L classes and types
Special G/L transactions using the example of payment and guarantee
The New General Ledger Activation and the idea of the New General Ledger
Document splitting
New characteristics in FI
Real-time integration CO => FI
Reporting with (new) FI standard drilldown reporting
Scenarios and scenario assignment

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